Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Open season

This is the Texas ideal of justice: Shoot 'em all, let God sort 'em out.

No proportionality. No due process. No lawyers. Joe Horn makes sharia look good.

Not even give 'em a fair trial and then hang 'em.

Instead, "I'm going to kill them." Yet, despite announced premeditation, no indictment.

Shot 'em in the back. Your Honor, I was afraid they'd shoot flames out their asses at me. It was an open and shut case of self-defense.

Update (7/3): Time shows up to O.K. Corral a little late.


Bob S. said...

Maybe you should learn a little about the subject before you start talking.

Mr. Horn called the police, the police were unable to respond in time to stop the crime.

Mr. Horn called out to the crooks to stop, they not only did not stop but at least one of them advanced on him. This was witnessed by a plains clothes cop.

Texas state law allows the use of deadly force to recover property.

Any condemnation for the crooks that were in the country illegally? That broke into another person's home? That stole approximately $2,000 dollars worth of property?

Nope, you just mock the person who did the right thing in stopping criminals. Would you like to come home to find your house robbed and find out your neighbor watched and did nothing?

lovable liberal said...

Bob, you want two people dead, even the scumbags these two were, over $2000! Yep, that's Texas. It's also immoral. What's next, shotgun blasts for running stop signs?

You also don't make any sense: You claim that the police couldn't respond in time, yet a plainsclothes officer was there to witness the shooting.

I have come home to find my house robbed. Had my neighbors witnessed it, all I would have expected was for them to call the police and give a description.

I certainly would not expect them to cite the statutes and run outside looking to inflict a little vigilante killing. At least Bernie Goetz actually did get mugged.

Horn bullshits his way through the interview, denying motives and actions that are plain in the record. And he's your hero. You're welcome to him.

Proportionality and due process, two principles of American justice, are completely lacking in Texas's legal response in this case. It's a travesty.

Bob S. said...


How long does it take for you to earn $2,000?

For me, that's about 2 work weeks out of my life. That's time that I have to spend to replace what someone had no right to take. Marko Kloos at the Munchkin Wrangler blog stated it quite well. It's as if the crooks held a gun to my head and made me slave for them for 2 weeks.

Due process was observed completely as required by the law. Why can't you understand that?
Do you have a civic responsibility to try to stop a criminal? I, and the society, say yes.

Do we have a responsibility to society to stop criminals from preying on others, yes.

The plainsclothes cop was there but DID NOTHING to stop the crime; Mr. Horn did.

The crooks had a choice to make; they chose a bad one, they tried to advance on Mr. Horn. It was a fatal decision but a perfectly legal and justifiable one.

When will you stop making excuses for the crooks and hold them accountable for the crimes they committed?

lovable liberal said...

$1000 per life. Do I hear $900?

You should look up what due process means. The burglars didn't get any.

Accountability for their crimes? Yeah, that sounds good. Based on their priors, 3 to 5 with immediate deportation to follow. Death? Only in Texas - or maybe Louisiana.

Joe Horn got due process, and it turned out to be a whitewash.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you are in Massachusetts.
You might get you ass kicked in Texas.

I know if I was in Mexico. I can't have the street signs in English too. They'd kick mi culo para thinking about Bilingualismo en pais de Mexico.

lovable liberal said...

Funny, it's the white Texans who are afraid some black guy might kick their asses. Listen to the 911 call - Joe Horn thought the burglars were black. He had no idea they were illegals.

You capitalize like a German even in Spanglish! Funny.