Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No mention of continuous filibuster

Time lays the failures of this Congress on the Democrats with nary a mention of the stonewalling of Republican Senators.

Just because their approval ratings are at all-time lows and they are dismissed as a do-nothing Congress doesn't mean Democrats on Capitol Hill aren't keeping busy.

Given the logjam that has built up since Democrats took control of Congress in 2006, there's a lot to get through.
Of course, the media have never held the Republicans to account for their caucus-wide abuse of the filibuster. They don't like to beat up Republicans.

But Harry Reid gave his so-called colleagues from the other side of the aisle a pass, too. He should have been holding the Senate in session to make the Republicans filibuster every goddamn thing on television, instead of letting them filibuster by remote control.

Whoever is the next Majority Leader, pay attention. The Republicans are a highly disciplined, power-first enterprise. They don't care about traditions of comity unless they can use them against you. Think about that when you change the Senate rules.


tom levenson said...

Arrrgh. This is right on. We needed a much more knife-fighting Senate leader these last twenty months. Why not use the pro-forma session to get some stuff done?

lovable liberal said...

Reminds me of a gibe I meant to make against Harry Reid: Don't be so concerned about the next recess all the time. Be willing to sacrifice your vacation, uh, time with constituents for the fricking Constitution.