Monday, July 28, 2008

Interview someone sane

Does Mark Preston ever talk to a Democrat? Or even a sane Republican?

Ben Stein thinks:

  • Karl Rove is the answer.
  • Phil Gramm had the psychological recession right.
  • Obama's ability to draw a crowd is anti-democratic.
  • Evolution is wrong, even though he doesn't understand anything else about it.
Preston thinks Stein is well informed, on the basis of speech-writing for Nixon and Ford thirty-five years ago. In fairness, Stein does notice that McCain is running a "pathetic" campaign, but you'd have to be stone dead or Tucker Bounds not to notice that.

Update: For snark, please try "Seeing blue". For something much more serious, try "Killing liberals".


Robert Hummelbaugh said...

Karl Rove does not belong in the political process, but rather he should be in jail for the damage he has done to this country. It is sad that Stein would want Rove in government again.

Rove is a toxin, a cancer that uses lies and innuendo to divide and profit.

Rove and his willing accomplice Dick Cheney have done more damage to this country than any group of terrorists could ever hope to accomplish.

Anonymous said...

Ben Stein, a jack of all trades, and master of none. Following his advice is like following the advice of a Gypsy fortune teller. It usually leads you to nowhere. Karl Rove is good at nothing but unethical dealings. If cheating and stealing is the only way GOP knows how, America be doomed.

lovable liberal said...

If cheating and stealing is the only way GOP knows how...


Beverly said...

Oh yes, let’s bring in the desperation man - Karl Rove. He should be sitting in prison instead of working for Fox (the Republican network). Karl Rove is the most unethical, slimey, laww-breaking, lying, and do anything regardless of consequences, arrogant jerk ever to come out of Republican Party (well of course there is his boss Cheney). If McCain needs Rove it means the Republicans are going to run a very, very dirty and illegal campaign. It means violating campaign laws, money collection laws, and subverting the election process by causing problems at polls, keeping voters from voting in certain Obama areas, and doing everything possible to steal the election they know they are otherwise going to lose. If Rove joins the campaign, then we had all better be screaming for tight oversight of the McCain campaign. It will be dirty, nasty, and full of lies and illegal tactics. Send Rove to jail for snubbing the Congressional subpoena he got - not back into politics where he routinely breaks the law to get what he wants. Ben Stein - have you lost your mind?