Wednesday, July 23, 2008

PUMA in name only

McCNN magnifies the anti-Obama wing of the Democratic Party by including conspiracy theorist Webster Tarpley as if he had ever been a Democrat. Here's the description of his latest book, Obama: The Postmodern Coup:

Barack Obama is a deeply troubled personality, the megalomaniac front man for a postmodern coup by the intelligence agencies, using fake polls, mobs of swarming adolescents, super-rich contributors, and orchestrated media hysteria to short-circuit normal politics and seize power.

Obama comes from the orbit of the Ford Foundation, and has never won public office in a contested election. His guru and controller is Zbigniew Brzezinski, the deranged revanchist and Russia-hater who dominated the catastrophic Carter presidency 30 years ago. All indications are that Brzezinski recruited Obama at Columbia University a quarter century ago. Trilateral Commission co-founder Brzezinski wants a global showdown with Russia and China far more dangerous for the United States than the Bush-Cheney Iraq adventure.

Obama's economics are pure Skull & Bones/Chicago school austerity and sacrifice for American working families, all designed to bail out the bankrupt Wall Street elitist financiers who own Obama. Obama's lemming legions and Kool-Aid cult candidacy hearken back to Italy in 1919-1922, and raise the question of postmodern fascism in the United States today.

Obama is a recipe for a world tragedy. No American voter can afford to ignore the lessons contained in this book.
Strong stuff! Is that meth I smell? Maybe he'll give Cynthia McKinney a try this year. I'd bet he's been voting for Ralph Nader in years past. After all, he's quick to deliver the Nader rationale:
Tarpley said a McCain victory might be the best result if Obama is the Democratic nominee. It would allow the party an opportunity to reflect and perhaps "radicalize it in a New Deal direction."
How has that worked out so far?

The irritating thing for a consumer of media is that Tarpley honestly flags himself as a "controversial book author," which ought to have cued Mark Preston to try Google. But, no, Preston doesn't bother or at least he doesn't tell his readers. Hey, that might get in the way of the received narrative.

Update (7/27): If you liked this item, why not try "Whiplash"?


Monroe said...

Webster Tarpley is a complete clone of Lyndon LaRouche. If you compare their writings you will see word-for-word copies. (But be warned: it will hurt your brain.) He is either a plagiarist or he is LaRouche under a pseudonym. Maybe old Lyn is trying out a new name since his real one has been muddied and discredited so much.

Anonymous said...

And we thought racism was dead. Would this group take action if it was a white person. Hell NO!!!! What does this say for the leader of this pack.

Emmetropia said...

I'm not sure it's racism. It is, however, a symptom of the sense of entitlement that was the Hillary Clinton campaign. There was this air of inevitability to it and the young upstart took it away (or stole if you're a P.U.M.A.) from her in the 11th hour. These people represent what the old "elite" of the Democratic Party stood for. Barack Obama had not paid appropriate homage to the party elders and leaders (the Clintons especially). He jumped in line and that's why some Democrats are super upset. Race may play a part, but I think it is a smaller part of the picture.

Anonymous said...

Screw PUMA (fake ass democrats)!!!! If they want to go to the other side, we didnt need them in the first place. This ship will keep on rolling right over them. Keep your head up Obama!!! Most of us still have your back.

Dave L. said...

These type of comments are exactly what is hurting Obama as much as his lack of experience! Nobody dare say anything against Obama or you will be considered a racist. Well Obama supporters, grow up! This man is running for President of The United States, Leader of the Free World. The job is far bigger and much more serious then simply the color of his skin If your reason for supporting him is all about color, then please stop and evaluate his ability to do the job before you vote. And while you are at it, ask yourself who may really be the racist?

Monroe said...

In response to Dave L.--
Firstly, Obama and his supporters do not operate like that. I don't know what you've been looking at. But secondly, when one of the big members of PUMA is a LaRouche clone, you have to wonder. LaRouche is widely believed to be racist and anti-semitic. I think that's what the commenter was responding to.