Thursday, July 10, 2008

Leavenworth dreams

Like Joe Wilson, I dream of Karl Rove frog-marched out of whatever house he besmirches by his mere presence. Isn't Rove in contempt of Congress with every breath he takes?

I dream, but with the wishy-washy Democrats in charge of Congress and the order-taking Mukasey in charge of enforcement at the woefully misnamed Dept. of Justice, I don't expect it.

Update (7/10): Linda Sánchez's definitive slap-down pwns Robert Luskin's bullshit claims of privilege. But no contempt citation - what's the committee waiting for?


Anonymous said...

I am going to spit up neocon Faux for News talking points for a few minutes. What is the big deal about Rove testifying? The Democratic Congress is investigating far too many things and impeding the operation of our government. Why all this oversite? What did Rove do wrong anyhow? Didn't everyone know that this woman wasn't even employed by our government and "outing" her was of no consequence anyhow? This is a ridiculous waste of taxpayer money and resources! The End.

As a reasonable American, they all should be tried for treason. Pleading immunity didn't work for Nixon, I hope that our teflon president and all his teflon men don't get away with this. Why can't some brave woman step forward and do something to stop these guys? - that is the Republicans condemn, heterosexual infidelity!

Anonymous said...

How Republican of him. Little regards for the US Constitution and now the Justice System. Rowe is one of those people that deserves to rot in Jail for his crimes against the USA with the full backing and blessings of the Bush Administration. Too bad Bush is just going to issue him a full pardon to make the crime untouchable. Patriot? More like Traitor to us all.

Anonymous said...

Since when was Rove an elected official? He's claiming "executive privilege?" Iim still waiting for Harriet Miers to appear.

Dr. Ted Baehr said...

Rove is a monster of a dooshbag and deserves a promotion to "rear Admiral" in a federal prison for contempt of mf-ing Congress.

Elected by no-one, hurting everyone. Can we draft this f**kwad and sent him to die in Iraq with the bottom 10% of America's high school graduates?

lovable liberal said...

Dr. Ted, I feel your outrage, but whoa there, fella! Can we just send Rove to Iraq in exchange for our soldiers? They deserve our esteem, even those who didn't do well in high school.

Li said...

Seriously, let's chuck Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Rove in a large crate with one airhole, and ship them to Iraq by whatever method takes the longest, and bring our troops back home.

lovable liberal said...

Li, don't forget John Yoo and Alberto Gonzales, not to mention dozens of other Bushists. Oh, yeah, how could I forget David Addington? That guy is one authoritarian jerk. And there are plenty of Congressional enablers, too.

But, amen, I'm with you.

Shane said...

Congress is trying to ridicule him on a public stage. It is a political game, not a legitimate inquiry. It doesn't matter what he has to say. They are trying get him into their court and belittle him and the administration in front of the public. (Which appears to be the goal as well of most of you bloggers.) It is transparent what the Democratic Congress is trying to do. It will come back to bite them. Hence their approval rating will remain below 10%.

I fully anticipate a rabid response from you all. Respectfully, request that your responses make sense.

Shane said...

To Ted Baehr,

Please do not ridicule the Soldiers of our country.

Anonymous said...


Regardless of your opinion of why Congress is doing what they are doing, this is no more a defense of Rove's actions than his own lawyer's ramblings.

In other words, your post makes absolutely no sense and has no bearing on the fact that Rove has apparently defied a Congressional subpoena.

Or are you going to claim that people should be able to defy the Federal government if they believe that said government is politicizing issues?

I'd really like to hear you directly answer that question, rather than go off on some other tangent that has no bearing on anything.