Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sense and senselessness

What national polls repeatedly say: We don't make any goddamn sense. Our knees jerk, we give an answer, and we don't connect it to anything.

The Founders would not be impressed, we say. But we're extremely proud to be Americans.

Look, I love my country, but I'm ashamed that my country invaded Iraq without just cause, has unrepentantly tortured prisoners, has trashed its own democracy, and is led by bad, lawless men. The love I feel is why I want to make America better.

But I suppose that the idiotically specific flag pin question is the tie-breaker:

How often should a U.S. presidential candidate wear a flag pin (when dressed in other than casual clothes)?
The poll is begging for the answer it wants. Why should wearing casual clothes exempt one from wearing a flag pin? I bet a real patriot like Darth Cheney has a flag pin nipple ring.


Anonymous said...

Did I see Hillary with a flag pin? I don't know. But why now is the surge in Iraq working? Why didn't it work two years ago? Or 3 years ago? Why? Because a black man was not running for president back then! I would not be surprised if Cindy started paying for hostages to be freed or paying off loans for strapped Americans. It is all about keeping that black man out of the White House by any means necessary so we can continue on with our legacy of "Caucasian only".

Anonymous said...

I would say our founding fathers wouldn't be pleased with the way this country turned out. I am happy to be an american, but would be an ecstatic american if this country were to go back to it's former glory by bringing back decent paying jobs, end the war in Iraq, and make the US dollar worth just as much as some foreign currencies.

Darryl Schmitz said...

Our founders would feel insulted to look at the way the Republican Party, with the assistance of Big Media, threw its most constitutional candidate, Ron Paul, under the wheels of the party bus (all the while mocking and belittling him).

lovable liberal said...

Darryl, maybe you can explain to me why Ron Paul inspires such devotion. I've mocked him myself since being the best Republican running for President is such a low standard.