Monday, July 21, 2008

McCain plays the media for fools

McCain submits an op-ed hack job that's pure attack, the kind you can get published if you buy ad space to run it in. Or you can get it published in trashy wingnut newspapers - it would be too mild for the Washington Times.

The New York Times suggests a rewrite, so McCain pushes it to Drudge, and now CNN and Fox have it posted, and everyone is reporting on it. NYT will never run it now, but who cares?

The question is: Will the media get pissed about getting so baldly manipulated?

My bet: They're used to it, so no.


Anonymous said...

McCain vs. McAble
McCain is trying to prove that old age, threchary and evil can win over youth, exuberance and common sense.
McCain is not competent, he couldn't even avoid being shut down in Vietnam. Oh yes it takes lots of heroism to drop bombs from 10,000 feet.

lovable liberal said...

McCain only became a hero by being tortured. Now he wants to give others that opportunity.