Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Misdemeanors don't have anniversaries

At least, misdemeanor sentences don't last a year, so I must be guilty of a felony by blogging.

Yes, I've now been doing this for a year. At least, I think today is the anniversary of my start blogging on my own blog. I didn't write down the date, and since I back-filled with lots of older posts and comments I had made on other people's blogs, I can't quite pin it down exactly.

Anyway, Blogger says I started in July 2007, and I vaguely remember the 23rd (though I had thought it was the 23rd of June).

In the past year, I have posted over a thousand times, which suggests I should get a life. No dice. As long as there are Torys to ridicule for their stupidity and arrogance, I have work to do.

Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons. William Hogarth references the Tory election campaign of 1754 that belabored the objectively better Gregorian calendar.


Lady Wolf's Notes said...

And I'm glad you're doing it.

truth said...

Congratulations on your one-year blogiversary.