Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Principled stand

... and Duhbya's principle is that Medicare should be destroyed:

Bush spiked the bill Tuesday, telling lawmakers they would be "taking choices away from seniors to pay physicians."
That way, seniors will have two choices - expensive health care or no health care - versus the current one choice - moderately expensive health care.


Anonymous said...

Bush had no problem bailing out his buddies in trouble but any bill benefitting americans is vetoed by this jerk. GOP should change their jingle to socilization of pain, privatization of profits.

libs are great said...

What will you say if 2 million seniors lose medicare? It could happen and probably will as insurance companies pay the bills not the government.

lovable liberal said...

Hey, libs are great, you did understand that I'm being sarcastic about Duhbya's principles, right?