Thursday, July 3, 2008

Poker vs. craps

Time tells us that McCain rolls dice and Obama counts cards. This alone should be enough to decide between them.

McCain, like Bill Bennett, is a high roller in a game that the house always wins in the long run because it's entirely devoid of any element of skill. Like all casino games, it's fixed in favor of the house. McCain gets the thrill of throwing Cindy's money away, and if it's bad publicity he wants a private room to do it in, the heck with the camaraderie.

Obama plays a game of skill in dealing with chance, watches his cards carefully, and doesn't bluff much. He also plays at a much more responsible expense level that could never be characterized as high-rolling.

So, America, here's your choice: a rich thrill-seeking dummy who believes in his own luck or a smart, careful, analytical relationship-building winner.

Update: There's a brief conversation on DailyKos about this post.

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