Friday, April 24, 2009

Whatever happened to Amy Carter?

I know CNN is out pounding the hustings and looking under rocks for the new leadership of the Republican Party. Heck, I'd get sick of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, too. (Side snark: I know all the wingnuts think Nancy Pelosi has had botox, and it's pretty clear that nothing short of a jowlectomy would help McConnell, but isn't it obvious that Boehner has work done?)

Meghan McCain I understood as some kind of cross-promotion, even though I don't know for sure that there's any shared ownership between CNN and the Daily Beast. The corporate media is so incestuous, though, that it's a plausible theory.

Now Liz Cheney (no, not Lynne) has her audition. It's awful enough that Darth Cheney himself is basking in the very spotlight he avoided when the media might have held him accountable for the power he wielded in such frequently criminal ways. Vain hope, I now, but the press's watchdog role is one I still honor in the breach. But I wonder why a beneficiary of nepotism in government, such as the Worst Veep Ever's daughter, should get our attention at all.

It's not as though any such privilege has ever been accorded a Democrat, at least not a non-Kennedy Democrat.

(Who would've thought that jowlectomy would be in Firefox's dictionary!)

Update (8/1/2010): It appears that Chelsea Clinton's wedding has provoked interest in whatever happened to Amy Carter? As a random Internet oddity, Google has led a few of them here. I have no idea where she is or how she's living her life. I just wish that Liz Cheney were living as quietly.

My point above was, of course, that the big media cares more about scions of Republican dynasties than about Democratic ones. No, check that, it's not the whole picture. Big media does care when a Democratic son or daughter does something scandalous.

They just don't care what Democratic kids think when they've grown up.


globeisatrocious said...

Did you check the treehouse?

Anonymous said...

Amy Carter (she kept her maiden name) is living near Atlanta, with her son and wonderful husband. She is a talented, articulate, and values-based woman any mom and dad would be proud of. Amy is a wonderful friend, neighbor, and can be counted on to advocate for all those who face discrimination. Only Chelsea's wedding has reminded us of her White House years where she fought for her individual needs as a normal child. She is a survivor, and bright woman.

lovable liberal said...

... and indeed just the sort of person you'd think the media might be interested in following up with. But no, there's the ridiculous Liz Cheney to interview for some of her fascist views.