Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Al Sharpton for veterans

John McCain demands an apology for a report, started under Duhbya, from Homeland Security. The report itself is a scant eight pages, and anyone could read it for themselves, yet many commenters clearly haven't. Here's one:

if the report had said americans are prone to this kind of thing it would be correct. don't just say veterans. ... --just truth (April 21st, 2009 1:16 pm ET)
In fact, the report says that there are many extremist groups already in America (duh!), that these groups want the combat skills of veterans (duh!), and that they're recruiting (duh!). It doesn't "just say veterans" by any stretch of the fevered imagination.

McCain is playing uproar, appealing to ignorant emotions. He knows it, and it's despicable, although it's Republican politics par excellence.

You know, we already know that there are wingnut extremists in the military, just as there are in the general public. If the veterans' equivalent of Al Sharpton thinks their service entitles them to squelch true statements, they ought to review the Constitution that they swore to defend.

Note to Obama: Don't apologize. Don't explain. Parry and thrust: "I'm saddened that John McCain obviously hasn't read the report or hasn't understood it. I invite all Americans to read it for themselves in order to see that it specifically states that right-wing extremists are targeting veterans for recruitment, not the other way around. If John McCain actually objects to that clear statement of fact, it could only be because he's defending the extremists, and I know McCain well enough to know that's not the case. What he's doing here is pretending outrage for political reasons, and we're only sorry to see him stoop so low as to inflame our cherished vets about an insult that isn't there at all."

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