Monday, April 20, 2009

Sue if it's close

Prediction: Republicans will continue their record of trying to win in court what they can't win at the polls. NY-20 will go to Democrat Scott Murphy, but don't be surprised if Jim Tedisco's lawsuits prevent Murphy taking office this year.

Still, the current proceeding is fine. The process should be: Identify and count the legal votes. Declare the winner.

This hearing is about the first step, and it's legitimate for both sides to be there. Just wait for what comes next...

Update (4/24): I'm delighted to eat crow on this, although the gamy taste itself is a reminder to hold myself to the standard I push on others: Don't try to predict the news. Talk about what actually happens when it finally does happen.

Congratulations and good wishes to Jim Tedisco for not being Norm Coleman.

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