Monday, April 13, 2009

Genocide dreams and radiation wishes

If you step back a little from the Somali pirate episode, the big picture of the wingnut freaks who post comments on newspaper sites is beyond just ugly, beyond even bloodthirsty, which I called it last week. What the wingnuts call for, what they want, is genocide.

Why are we wasting our time on these low lifes - two or three nuclear weapons and the problem is solved - kill them, their wives and babies too! --judgebert (4/13/2009 6:13:43 PM)

Maybe this would be a good opportunity to reduce the U.S. nuclear arsenal... --NovaMike (4/13/2009 2:19:32 PM)

smoke the entire country --proudgaycuban (4/13/2009 2:10:24 PM)

They need to just level the region since it's mostly a region of mercenaries and theives. --lidiworks1 (4/13/2009 1:36:36 PM)

Somalia is a geographic area with no government, just warlords, pirates and the people that suck off them. It is time to turn that geographic area into glass. --mortified469 (4/13/2009 1:06:26 PM)

Nuke Mogadishu ... --redsoxnation (4/13/2009 11:04:34 AM)

President Obama should ask Somalian authorities to clean up the area within one week and if they fail US Forces should flatten entire coast. --shahjahanbatti1 (4/13/2009 10:21:07 AM)
Apparent from their large numbers is the fact that these are mainstream conservatives, which only shows how extreme conservatism has become. They're impatient with talk, no matter how many lives it saves, and if you won't talk, you have to kill everyone.

Invoke Godwin's Law all you like, but this is how a people get desensitized enough to commit holocaust.

Update: Here's more:
The first death of a US citizen at the hands of a pirate should unleash the full force and fury of the US Navy upon Somalia. Tell Rand McNally to stop printing any more maps because the US Navy & Marines are about to wipe a country of the face of the earth and any maps showing a country named "Somalia" will instantly become obsolete. --Ted11 (4/13/2009 5:45 AM EDT)

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