Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weak tea

The Republicans have nothing to offer but a stunt that's a weak echo of something that really mattered more than 230 years ago. A very weak echo about the color of dirty dishwater, histrionics in the name of history.


The media are covering the Republican nonsense as if it matters. The reason? Bullshit outlet Fox News is pimping the propaganda constantly. There is no corresponding media force on the Democratic side.


Silence Do-Good said...

I just saw the recent Time Mag article about the magic of the Obama "Change" and how it will change America. They stopped short of showing the journalists pleasuring themselves.

I think the DNC is pretty well covered in the propaganda area.

Hey, while the DNC and RNC is sniping and posturing, how about if we all quietly start voting in a good 3rd party locally? Suggestions: Green Party (they got my pres. vote for their 100% anti-war stand) or the Libertarians.

lovable liberal said...

If you want others to think that, show us with a link and commentary.

But, uh, Greens and Libertarians, chuckle, guffaw, smirk.

Silence Do-Good said...

LL: "But, uh, Greens and Libertarians, chuckle, guffaw, smirk."

There was a time when chuckles, guffaws, and smirks were the commentary about the possibility of a non-white president.

As a liberal myself, I have discovered that the liberal manual must have changed in recent time.

I know that during the campaign it became in vogue to make fun of Obama's enemies. I could not count the sexist and ageist comments that I saw and heard. Have the Greens and Libertarians been added to the approved list?

How about people in wheelchairs? Have you heard if they are fair game?

lovable liberal said...

Are you one of those "classical liberals" like Jonah Goldberg? By which he means conservative, in that Orwellian way of his.

Why are the Green and Libertarian fringes silly? Ron Paul. Ralph Nader. Ross Perot (though, OMG, the GOP makes him look sane these days, and that's saying something). If you're not laughing, you're probably one of their respective small but very avid armies of followers.

I guess I must be a fringeist, but I promise I'll hold the line there. You're not suggesting that we should treat fringe ideology as a handicap, are you?