Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Man up, conservatives

The Fox-pimped anti-tax protesters didn't dump their ridiculous tea bags in Lafayette Park because they didn't have a permit! Man up, guys, and get arrested. That's how civil disobedience works.

Instead, defeated by the National Park Service! That's gotta leave an owwie.


Silence Do-Good said...

If they break the law they will be labelled as domestic racial terrorists. Not coincidentally the media has dutifully reported new domestic terrorist groups to offset civil protests.

This technique worked great for Bush. Point out real terrorists then add everyone that disagrees with you. Saturday Night Live did a great opening bit where "Bush" basically lists all his enemies and puts them in the "Axis of Evil".

Obama is following the same tactic. I was very amused during the campaign that CNN reported more than once "the FBI met with Obama" to discuss threats against him. Way to spin us up! The reality is the all candidates routinely get these breifings.

That is like me annoucing I was VERY careful to look both ways before crossing the street this morning. Some people would wonder "what's wrong?" "why is it unsafe today?" The whole truth might be that I always look both ways. But the impact is made and the myth created.

I didn't believe Bush and I don't believe Obama when dissidents are automatically terrorists.

This is yet another example of how the RNC stooges and the DNC stooges start to all look alike.

REAL racial hate right wing-nut criminal groups should be prosecuted and jailed. Right away. But questioning authority is not hate.

lovable liberal said...

SDG, your points are either predictions or false equivalences. Has anyone been labelled a "domestic racial terrorist"? Do you really want to defend Stormfront? Or do you think the FBI was making up their existence.

Have you seen the reports that threats have gone way up now that Obama is President? Do you think those stories are planted? Do you forget that the recent history of political assassination in this country is all from the right? Of course this is a story, and it ought to be.

What group do you think has been prosecuted for mere dissent?

Did the police arrest the teabagger who threw his box over the White House gate? That's clearly a crime, you know. Has anyone in the administration claimed that that means all the teabaggers are terrorists? If so, show me.

Last, I do like the fact that you double the L in 'labelled'. It's not a standard U.S. spelling, but it's much more sensible than not doubling the L, and English spelling is already crazy enough without making it worse. So, there's that...