Sunday, April 12, 2009

What wingnuts want

Almost from the minute the Somali pirates took Richard Phillips hostage, nasty ugly wingnut commenters on news sites attacked Barack Obama for doing nothing to save him. Even as the Navy steamed into the area and besieged the pirates in their lifeboat, they continued to demand Armageddon and right the hell now.

Even this morning, after the rescue had happened but before new of it was widely known, they kept up their derision:

Nice going, Obama. A pirate crew in a dinghy holds of the United States Navy and you twiddle your thumbs. You are a disgrace! --adamis (4/12/2009 6:41 AM EDT)

Time to man up..pity we didn't elect one. --USARMY1 (4/12/2009 8:07 AM EDT)

The only thing amusing about this entire situation is the obama apologists' derision of those who would like the US to do something besides negotiate with and placate terrorists. ... The current president seems intent on apologizing to the world for america's faults. He is not a decisive leader, he is not inspirational, he is not a transforming figure. He is simply not ready for the 3 am call. The phone rang and he doesn't know what to do. --pk812 (4/12/2009 9:09 AM EDT)

We elected a coward. ... --obamasucks2 (4/12/2009 9:22 AM EDT)
What these immature idiots want is for the President to come out on TV, their favorite source of propaganda, and rant and rave in order to calm them down. Walk softly and carry a big stick? No way, not when you're the big bully. Duhbya was perfect for this - perfectly blustery.

They'll never learn to put their brains before their anger. But you'd think they might have enough reptile brain to learn, in the words of Bob Dylan, "Don't speak too soon, for the wheel's still in spin."

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