Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bomb squad called to supermarket

Fruit case filled with boxes of some infernal device that looks a lot more like a cherry bomb than this:

We really have lost our minds. I've seen dog turds that look more like explosives. But at least the cops got to deploy their robot.

Click thumbnail for The Tech's report.


Silence DoGood said...

Gee that is SO weird. I mean people are so sensitive now about bombs. What COULD have happened? It is like someone fed a story to the media about a certain group of people being recruited into violent organizations.

Seriously, you quoted an unsubstanciated opinion just days ago, literally about imagining right wing nuts off "in a basement" making evil weapons. And you express no connection to that whatsoever in this article.

Beyond some of the policies and pseudo-liberal posturing of the Obama administration, THIS is what scares me most. That an apparently intelligent person has been convinced to close their eyes in the interest of maintaining the national zeitgeist.

Synopsis: "Be afraid, THEY are out to get you. Hey why are you so scared?"

lovable liberal said...

Your analysis is a typically superficial attempt make your one point. You appear to be unaware of two long-standing facts: MIT kids constantly prank, and the authorities in the Boston area constantly overreact.

The violence of the right-wing extremists is not made up. You're just in denial.

Question authority? Question your own ability to discern facts.