Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fear is the mind-killer

Contrast the Bushist response to North Korea with the Obama administration's response.

Bushist: Screaming, fear-mongering Chicken Little, followed by the silent treatment that a high school girl might inflict on her puppy love.

Obama: Measured, serious, reassuring. No panic, no stupidity. Diplomatic but no pushover.

Now, remind me, who are the grown-ups?


David Briceno said...

liberals are the grown ups!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fear is a powerful tool to control people:

Nixon: be afraid of dissenters.
Reagan: be afraid of communists.
Bush: be afraid of terrorists.
Obama: be afraid of racists.

Always be afraid of everyone who disagrees with the DNC-RNC-club and you can be controlled.

lovable liberal said...

What I see from Obama is: Be aware of racists. Fear? Not so much.

lance1775 said...

Yes lets contrast former President Bush's response...to 9/11: measured, serious, reassuring. No panic, no stupidity.

Do not confuse President Obama's pacifist, peace at any cost direlection for being calm. Biden was right, they would be tested and Obama has failed against the North Koreans, Russians, Somali pirates, and the Taliban.

As good hearted as he may sound, bad guys don't respect kind thoughts, only violence or death. Some people can't be reasoned or bargained with and clearly Obama is so intellectual that he can't understand this simple lesson in street survival.

Sometimes grown ups need to make unpopular decisions because they are the right thing to do. Not the most "liked."

lovable liberal said...

Grow up, Lance.

Duhbya's response to 9/11 was first to have no clue whatsoever what to do. Did he command the situation? Not at all. Then he left Dick Cheney in charge as always. Then he and his press operation made up tales and photo ops in an attempt to make him appear something he wasn't.

Then he took us to the war he wanted in Iraq, neglecting the war against our actual enemies in Afghanistan in order to invade a country that had no role in 9/11. He did this by bullying the country with fear. I wasn't taken in, but most of the rest of country believed the thin tissue of lies about current WMD, not to mention the incessant bullshit association of Iraq and 9/11. If you watch Fox, you probably still do.

Are the Russians coming? You mean that country led by Vladimir Putin, whom Duhbya thought so pure of soul? That Russia?

North Korea? Do you recall all the other missile launch attempts during Duhbya's time? No, of course, you have your preset conclusion, and it requires that you forget the past 10 years, but you're happy to have a self-inflicted lobotomy.

Somali pirates? You may or may not remember that they have been operating for years and that Duhbya never did dick about them. Oh the convenient wingnut Alzheimer's! Besides, it's been what, three days!? Yeah, the President could have launched nukes. Duhbya might have considered that disproportionate response that all of you, his constituents, would demand as if you were two years old.

The Taliban would be dead if Duhbya had kept his eye on the ball.

You think talking is the same as pleading. I guess you've never been in a hard-nosed negotiation. You've doubtless never been in a street fight either, or you'd know that the objective is to avoid the fight if you can.

When you're doing that self-service lobotomy, you might as well snip some hemorrhoids, too, since your head is firmly up your ass.

lovable liberal said...

Ulp. I was a little too harsh above. I still think lance is missing some perspective, but I brought out the big rhetorical guns a little too early.

One upside: Clear evidence that talking does not imply being a pushover!

lance1775 said...

Lovable Liberal, you're a hypocritical idiot. You tell me to grow up then you cast insults because I don't subscribe to your Carter-esqe, weak, capitulating, version of what was once a great nation.

Obviously you have selective criticism, Bush reacted to 9/11 in a calm manner just as your illustrious leader Obama did yet you have nothing but insults and criticism. Of course Obama is the chosen one and can feed 5,000 people with two fish so he can't have any flaws.

Obama can do no wrong in front of his fans. He could eat a baby on TV and you drones would say, "that was so cool when Obama..."

I'm not a Bush apologist, the man is as flawed as any other. He's like any other politician, but I'll miss him while loathing the next three years, nine months while he bows to kings, embarrases himself, apologizes for the US for our success, offers to be the doormat for other nations.

You can believe what you want but the US has very few real allies in this world. Every country is after their own interests and we have friends as long as we have wealth. Just wait until we no longer have foreign aid to loan/give.

Russia & China are increasing their militaries while we strip down ours.

The closest you've been to a streetfight was when your sister kicked your ass after you touched her.

Your dad should have pulled out.

lovable liberal said...

I see that I was correct in my first response to lance the 101st Fighting Keyboarder after all.

He makes Duhbya apologies then claims not to be a Bush apologist. It's just, y'see, he's got his knickers is a twist about Obama!

He thinks talking makes you weak. Dumbshit! Talking is what you can do if you're strong, and we are.

We spend more on our military than all the other countries combined. But lance still feels weak. He hasn't learned how important a strong mind is when dealing with enemies and adversaries.