Friday, April 24, 2009

Sickle claw to the throat of GOP special pleading

Like his blog's namesake, Winston Smith of Philosoraptor rips the flesh of his Republican prey in a particularly apt and succinct way:

The one thing it's absolutely clear that we absolutely cannot do is: demand scrupulous investigation and trial in Blowjobgate but not Torturegate.

We might forgive traffic tickets but not murders. We might forgive neither. If we're not too bright, we might forgive both. But it's simply not possible to rationally forgive murders but not traffic tickets.
Go and read it all. It's worth every word.

He even uses my favorite word.

Update (4/28): Digby comes through on the same theme:
I just pray no fellatio was involved in the torture regime or there is going to be hell to pay.


flymorgue2 said...

Dude, I had a big, long very reasonable post on this. Was it lost or did you delete it?

lovable liberal said...

I have deleted one abusive comment in the entire life of my blog, and that was months ago. I set the bar pretty low, so a "very reasonable post" would be safe from me. Safe from Blogger? I make no guarantees about that.

flymorgue2 said...

Winston Smith also throws much down the memory hole. Clinton lied on the witness stand (his deposition) about molesting a subordinate in his tax-payer provided office in his tax-paid job as Prez. If he was on trial for murder, that would not be relevant, but he was on trial for molesting a subordinate in his tax paid job as gov. Repeat: he, an officer of the court and sworn protector of the laws of the nation, lied under oath on the witness stand. He was not a 'cad or scumbag' rather an on the job sexual harasser. He should have resigned, he was impeached.

So apples and oranges. In this case, apples cost him a $25K fine and his law license and his bar.

Oh, and it's rationally possible to do anything. Morally, that's another story.

lovable liberal said...

Even if all of what you say were true - and it isn't - you completely miss the point about proportionality. In short, you're morally blinded by your ideology and belong back in kindergarten learning how to be a good boy.

A lie under oath about private matters dredged up by a civil suit in a clearly political attempt to discredit him pales in comparison to repeated official lies about policy, especially policy that was directly intended to contravene the law, binding treaties, and the Constitution in a way that enemies of America have been punished for as war criminals.

But I'm sure you're immune from understanding this. For you, consensual blow jobs and the allegation of perjury, to which Clinton acquiesced, deserve draconian punishment. Illegitimate war and torture and surveillance and secret law and ... no biggie.

So you think this nonsense is "very reasonable". It isn't.

By the way, you should look up rational in the dictionary. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Winston Smith said...

Yeah, this same guy missed the same point on my blog.

globeisatrocious said...

Oh, it was a lesson in moral relativity! Silly me. That's what the whole blog consists could I have not picked it up?

(Oh, and anything your boss tells you to do is not consensual. But the LL could not be a misogynist, so that's another point I am wrong about)

lovable liberal said...

Well, let's see... You're an obtuse moron, is that it?

Lies about sex or torture, subversion of the Constitution, and cover-up? WS's point, which you so densely managed to miss, is that you could punish both, but it makes no sense to punish the lesser and leave the greater unpunished.