Thursday, April 30, 2009

All the same deck chairs

You think Newt and Sarah are trying to get on board?

The Republican establishment is ossified, schlerotic. Now they're going to slap a "New Improved" sticker on the packaging and launch a campaign to convince the weak-minded that the same tired formulas are different - because they have a "New Improved" sticker on the package.

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Silence DoGood said...

Talk about filling in a template!

If you substitute "maverick/POW" for "new improved" you get McCain's same old RNC campaign.

If you substitute "change" for "new improved" and "Democratic" for "Republican" you get Obama's same old DNC campaign.


BTW as an older American, I resent the use of aging physical references (ossified, schlerotic). Can you substantiate that Repubs have these physical disorders more than Dems? You are continuing the ageism propaganda from Obama's campaign.

Question "-isms"
The ends do not justify the means.