Monday, April 13, 2009

Never their fault

The media is not responsible for any of the intrusive "news" coverage of the Palin-Johnston soap opera. Sarah Palin's press secretary made them cover it.

I note for the record that Newt Gingrich objects to the silly coverage of the Obamas' dog but raises nary a peep about Palin's ex-intended-son-in-law. Yes, he still wants to be President. Being right on the dog story won't help him, but keeping silent on Wasilla Place will.

Is there anyone in big media who's more useless than Howard Kurtz?


Silence Do-Good said...

The press must be responsible for what they do. They make decisions on what stories to run and and push.

I hold the press responsibile for not exposing Bush's lies in conducting the war in Iraq. They could have done more than just report the latest bombing or numbers from the war. Responsible press members should have hounded Bush when it became clear he lied and lied and lied.

AND I expect the press to stop covering the Easter Bunny, the White house garden, and general gossip. And instead start holding THIS CURRENT president accountable for his promises and his lies and his successes as well. Plain and simple.

Question Authority.

lovable liberal said...

It's quite clear that you failed to understand my snarking at the media. My intent, clear to any blog reader or so I thought, was that the media never holds itself responsible for anything it does.