Thursday, April 2, 2009

Half measure

It's all well and good for Democrats to set some boundaries on the self-entitled fluffing that so many executives engage in with their corporate boards in order to loot their companies, irrespective of real performance. But they've only done it for companies we're in the process of buying. Naturally, the Republicans are agin anything that might limit the ruling class's ability to finance more ... Republicans.

I'm not in favor of direct regulation of executive salaries. What I do favor is a limit on the ability of publicly traded corporations to use exorbitant salaries as expenses against income when they file their taxes. More than 25, 40, 50 - pick a number - times the median wage? Not deductible. Further, having seen first hand the results of pumping a stock to ridiculous and temporary heights to accrue massive bonuses, I favor very liberal clawback laws that include shareholder standing to sue under well-defined circumstances.

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