Saturday, April 4, 2009


... but it's still possible that the Boston Globe might vanish. For the record, this would be a very bad thing for Boston and for Massachusetts. It would also be bad for a close friend of mine who draws his paycheck there, not to mention several other staffers I know to one degree or another.

Big Media often get its nose out of joint because we bloggers flay it for various stupidities and cupidities. It takes the attitude, love me, love my mistakes. Or, give me an A+, when all I've really earned is a B-/C+.

The blogosphere wants the good intelligent reporting that Big Media used to do more of, before it decided to dumb down in a vain attempt to be cable news on paper. We know that we need grist. It's just that we like that grist to be factual, instead of laced with bullshit, the way so much of our culture is.

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