Saturday, January 24, 2009

We don't drink, nor smoke, Norfolk

If you don't laugh out loud at the gray lady trying and failing to keep its British stiff upper lip, you're either dead or in serious need of antidepressants.

The council explained that it was only following national guidelines and that it did not intend to change any existing lewd names.
Gotta keep the traditional lewdness.

Update (1/25): I should note that here in Massachusetts the town and county of Norfolk are routinely pronounced 'norfork' (in a state that leaves the 'ahs' out of 'Hahvahd'!) because the traditional pronunciation, 'norfək', has become lewd ever since dictionaries first began to have the word 'fuck' in them.


EddieO said...

I live in a small town in Ireland called Kilcock. Its not a town full of Neo feminists contary to what its name implies.

lovable liberal said...

Eddie, I love the intro to your new blog. Unfortunately, I think the Varmint Upchuck is too proud of his fatuous ignorance to ever be convinced otherwise. A lobotomy will do that! Thus I think sarcasm and ridicule much more productive and fun.