Thursday, January 1, 2009

New year, same stupidity

Here's a hysterical quote from Gene (at January 1st, 2009 4:28 pm ET) that criticizes Caroline Kennedy for her writing ability:

She sucks one more example of aristcrats in office to maintain their hold on the country cant we learn from history 2000 years ago a governor had a tin ear and mush for braines killed a man known as jesus eight years ago an ariscrat started a war an killed over a a half million people again a tin ear and mush for braines she wrote six or seven books my explitive delited without a staff of ghost writers I have engineering liccenes my education is through hard knocks and hard work even I would know her sentance was repetive. fracmented and conseder revising and that without the help of spell check.
Maybe she should get a real job better yet join the job corp or be a missionary and for once in her miseroble life be productive.
Thats what happens when your loaded with money nothing to do your mind turns to mush.
I'm pretty sure Gene didn't have a ghost writer.

Even so, I'm sympathetic to Gene's complaints about aristocracy even if he can't spell it. My significantly more intelligent - and moderate - comment on the same story lost out in moderation. I have to wonder what the hell the moderators are looking for - is stupidity a desired feature?

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