Thursday, January 29, 2009

No shame

The amazing thing to me about this story of bullshit Republican charges of voter fraud is not that the Republican special prosecutor could not find even a single instance of fraud beyond the one guy whose conscience made him confess.

“Ultimately,” Special Prosecutor Michael O’Neill wrote in a report, “the investigators discovered ‘get-out-the-vote’ practices, sponsored by community organizations, which took full advantage of this unique absentee-voting period, but no evidence these practices violated Ohio law.”
It's certainly not that Joe Deters, a Republican official who was also a McCain campaign apparatchik, touted charges he couldn't substantiate.

What's amazing to me as a human being with a normal level of conscience is that the blowhard Republican who started all this bullshit is so unashamed of his behavior that he can still say things like:
“There were allegations of massive voter fraud and within 48 hours – when Mr. Burke and other were screaming ‘witch hunt’ – we turned it over to a special prosecutor,” Deters said. “We don’t investigate by clairvoyance like Mr. Burke does.”
Deters is a man who is still using his own credulous acceptance of convenient bullshit as evidence of his own virtue. This man is a serious narcissist.

Will the wingnut simpletons now stop screeching "ACORN, ACORN, ACORN" like lucky blind pigs? Of course not.

(h/t Thers)

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