Friday, January 2, 2009

Failing the Turing test, a load shy of a load

Griff has a keyboard. Griff has fingers. Evidently. Griff has output, undeniably (comments 1 and 3):

You move too fast CNN! So there is little one on the air…. Then I shut Up… Your's mine… Does not matter… They're all little one's…
Barack Obama trash-ilusion… He! Barack Obama has no idea what he's doing, or what he is supposed to do… America! If Barack Obama chooses: Alice in Wonderland,… Play a game of Cards… But make "Obama your Queen" of Hearts…
His output fails to prove that he is a human intelligence, but I also doubt that he is artificial stupidity.

My comment in response is sure to fail muster with the moderator:

Jon Stewart is very disappointed. He was really looking forward to the joys of a Senator named Hickenlooper.

(Note to moderator: Yes, this is a stupid comment, but you published Griff twice, and he appears to be a load of bricks shy of a load.)

Update: Sure enough, CNN has closed comments without me. Guess I must have been too nasty to poor Griff.

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