Friday, January 16, 2009

Now, we're ready to share power

Jack Cafferty tacks back away from his flirtation with the non-Republicans to ask this stupid question:

Why can’t the Democrats and Republicans work together instead of against each other?
When the Republicans held power, they told the Dems to piss off on a daily basis. And everything went straight to hell.

Now, though, the Republicans want a piece of that good ol' bipartisanship. As long as the Democrats get all the blame for the things that inevitably will go wrong and the Republicans get credit for things they are only peripherally involved in...

I'd smile sweetly at the GOP and let them be peripherally involved. Very peripherally.

We don't work with them well because they believe all sorts of truly nutty things about government, the economy, and the world. Their solutions are more of the same bitter and unhelpful nonsense that got us here. Why would any sane person want to compromise with that!?

I'd let them go on TV all the time with their gripes. I'd get tape. Then when the Democratic plan does work out, I'd smack the Republicans around for the true fact that they only wanted to obstruct the Democrats, but we wouldn't let them and America is better off for that.

But then I'd be a Democrat with backbone even in Washington.


Anonymous said...

Would u pls give us this stupid like, like you opinion piece here? What are you trying to say in one sentence please...

lovable liberal said...

Huh? You want to edit my blog?

Plez continu to haz cheezburger.