Monday, January 19, 2009

Today's stupid wingnut comment

Not to imply that there's only one, but here's something from XENOPHONIC-1 (January 19, 7:25 AM) that caught my eye:

Adding to the frustration is the way the court system bends over backwards to be sure these gangbangers get their "due Process". Even if the perp is illiterate the judge enters a "Not Guilty" plea on the perps behalf. Then their are the advocates that pray for mercy because the perp didn't have the advantages or came from a broken home or a single parent household. Being a detective has to be frustrating knowing that just catching a scum bag and building a case isn't enough. In fairness some over zealous prosecuters are more concerned with getting the conviction i.e. winning than getting at the truth. Time for vigilantes?
Ah, Gitmo justice for the streets of Boston!  This guy thinks he's a true blue American, but he's against due process, and he's against the presumption of innocence.  He thinks the mostly mythical soft-headed judges of the movies of the 1970s just turn everyone loose after conviction. 

And, even though he acknowledges overzealous prosecutors, he's ready for vigilantism.

Basically, XENO got all his public policy experience out of a Dirty Harry movie.

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