Thursday, January 22, 2009


The Washington Post, typically, got this lead wrong:

A wage discrimination bill that heralds the pro-labor policies of the Democratic-controlled Congress and White House cleared the Senate Thursday and could be on President Barack Obama's desk within days.
It's now fixed:
A wage-discrimination bill that narrowly failed less than a year ago moved closer to becoming law last night, when the Senate passed the legislation and sent it back to the House for final consideration.
This bill is pro-people, pro-woman, and pro-good-sense. It has nothing to do with pro-labor. The Supreme Court's Lily v. Ledbetter bare majority decision really did make the law an ass. This fixes it, something the Republicans filibustered in the last session.


MadredeEzekiel said...

I just leaving a comment on this blog because it isn't particular to any of your posts. I really enjoy your blog! I stumbled upon it, and though I don't fully agree with all of your views, I like that you share them!

Oh, and maybe something we'll definitely agree on, look up Ann Coulter's interview on The View.. the woman is a complete head case.

lovable liberal said...

Thanks for coming by. I hope you'll be a regular reader. And feel free to disagree. We can't all have the same opinions.

I'll try to check out the lunacy of Coulter. Hope it doesn't make me sick to my stomach.