Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's always something

Y'know, I had a dog once that had goop in its eyes. Ever' mornin', more goop. It-a was this white, creamy snot-like substance that, you get it on ya finger, ya can't get it off. Ya try a flick it off, it's like a big snot yo-yo. Ya try to rub it back on a dog, it won' stick. There it is, a big eye booger on your finger, you can't get rid of it. Wha' ya gonna do?

Yep, this is where we are with the Guantánamo 247 (or whatever). Some of them are bad people, but we can't prove which ones. That eye booger? Man, it sticks. Can't shake it off. Can't wipe it off. Sure as hell don't want to eat it.

The Bushists never gave the slightest shit for justice. They were so het up for war that any appearance of legal process was anathema to them. They never felt the need to establish factually which of their prisoners were evil. It was enough to call them all evil based on the 1% doctrine.

What they've left for Obama is a huge festering sore that there's no reliable cure for. I can't help suspecting that the Cheneyites did it on purpose.


MadredeEzekiel said...

Cheney lives off of the dead dreams of the young- it's my hypothesis anyhoo.

lovable liberal said...

Love your style, Zeke's Mom. Couldn't make your comments work to say so at your place.