Sunday, January 11, 2009

Esthetic of football

Tuned in late to Pittsburgh vs. San Diego. From birth, I've been trained to root for the underdog, and I like LT despite his irate slanders against my Patriots. (OK, Bill Belichick is probably an asshole, but he's about 40 IQ points ahead of the average NFL idiot coach, and after this brilliant, difficult season, I'd put him in charge of any underperforming organization. He knows how to build doable assignments.)

But the Steelers don't have Bill Cowher in charge any more, with the whiny gestures only someone with his shovel jaw could get away with, and I like Mike Tomlin's impassive focus. That last drive for the third touchdown was so grittily beautiful that I may have root for Pittsburgh.

On the other hand, I really enjoy watching Darren Sproles run.

Can you believe the Chevy ads on this game? All Chevy has is macho bullshit. Ford appears to have all the innovative features. Howie Long would really prefer a heated steering wheel if he still lived here in Massachusetts, where he grew up. Boy's gittin' above his raisin'.

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