Saturday, January 3, 2009

Don't be stupid

Oregon and, allegedly, Congress and other states are considering a tax on miles driven. Democrats are interested. This is dumber than a bag of door knobs.

  • We need to conserve gasoline (to save money, to slow global warming), not stop vehicles from slicing through the air (ooh, they might injure it).
  • Semis batter the roads, not Priuses. Yes, trucks pay big taxes, but they still don't refill their own potholes.
  • We really really don't want the government tracking us everywhere we go. At least now we can turn our GPS-enabled cell phones off. If we'd like to be unreachable for a little while, whether for hanky-panky or just a little damn peace and quiet.
  • Bicyclists and pedestrians don't pay for road upkeep either. Better put monitoring bracelets on them, too, the sponging no-account bastards.
Here's a guy who gets it, even though it doesn't advantage him:
"It doesn't seem fair," said Paul Niedergang of Portland, that a hybrid would be taxed as much as his Dodge pickup. "I just think the gas tax needs to be updated."
The tax is not going to be easier to sell to taxpayers just because it's totally insanely 70 IQ stupid.


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