Sunday, January 25, 2009

I can haz Israel in 4 B.C.?

History will little note nor long remember what I say here...

... because my audience isn't very large and Atrios has already linked to MediaMatters. But this Jamison Foser piece is what conservatives don't get about journalism. They also don't get it about NPOV at Wikipedia (hence Conservapedia, or is it Wikiwingnut). They don't get it about economics. Or gay sex (h/t Pharyngula). Or science. Or any number of other things that they're too convinced of to concern themselves with comparing to reality.

Conservatives believe, because their feelings are so strong, that reality should be the way they want it to be. No, not should, it must be as they devoutly wish it. If it isn't, they're like 1960s TV robots: "Does not compute."

It's a self-fulfilling stupidity that no amount of argument can ablate.

Update (1/26): How often can a title mash up LOLcats with "Jesus Christ Superstar"? What the hell decade does that belong in?

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