Sunday, January 11, 2009

So much for mea culpa

Duhbya advocates change!

Of course, it's change back to the past, when he, Karl Rove, and the Republicans could fool enough of the people with bullshit about being compassionate conservatives. What Duhbya wants is to rekindle a story line, not to change any policy:

"I think that we shouldn't change our philosophy." But [Bush] added, "We may want to change our message."
He of course even continues to defend torture:

While President-elect Barack Obama spoke out in an ABC interview that aired today against an interrogation technique known as water-boarding, President Bush defended his administration's policies as legal and necessary. He said he would be concerned if Obama abandoned the techniques used by his administration.

"Obviously, I feel like it would be a problem," Bush said, "because these are tools that we have in place. I do want to -- you know, I firmly reject the word torture.

Yep, it's the word that he rejects, the word that has meant torture for generations. He thinks he can redefine it as his spoiled, rich-boy convenience.

The good news: Duhbya is going to take four years to write his bullshit book.* I'd advise him to wait for the market for wingnut tripe to recover, too. I mean, we all know he's not going to write it himself, and a ghost writer could easily knock out a memoir, uh, amnesoir, in six months. A coloring book? Even faster.

* Yes, I'm prejudging Duhbya's "work". While I'd love to hear him own up to the clusterfuck that is was his administration, expecting anything other than rank festering bullshit from him would answer to the classic Einsteinian definition of insanity.

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