Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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Jack Cafferty goes medieval on the Republican Party's ass. It's good to see that someone at McCNN is fed up with the bullshit.

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Anonymous said...

Now we hear on Bloomberg that Mrs. Palin is going to push for "Creationism" taught in the schools! Whoopee another supporter of ignorance in the Republicna Party. God help us all! Who's creation myths does she want to teach? (There are lots of them out there. Take your pick!) How tight of an anti-intellectual vacuum do the Republicans really want? No science, no research, no Middle Eastern historical, social, religious, political or anthropological researchers on the White House staff pre-Iraq,so Carl, Dicky, Donnie, and Georgie could have their way and get us in this mess.

Just one more reason to vote for the democratic ticket. Imagine we'll actually have science again!

George in Wisconsin,
An Independent for Obama