Friday, September 5, 2008

No can do

McCain can "fight", but he's a Republican, and Republicans to a man (or woman) one think that you can't fix the economy, which is by their definition perfect. You simply have to wait it out without whining. Easy for them to say - they're well-insulated from the economy's problems up where there's still no recession.


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Anonymous said...

I don't know what you said but I am going to say this. I don't want that corrupt witch to be my vice president! Her antics in Alaska make Obama look like a saint! If you notice Obama never actually did anything wrong except just listen to his preacher preach. But from what I hear about Palin, she did everything wrong. She vetoes a bill for Disabled Children when she knew her sister had one. How low can you get? What kind of mess is that? The evangelicals obviously like, corruption, abuse of power, threats, etc. But what they like most is a woman usurping the authroity of men. It's in there, Pat Robertson. Sexism? This woman is a disaster area. I am a woman and I wouldn't vote for her if she were a democrat!

lovable liberal said...

Palin vetoed a bill funding housing for unwed mothers. She's anti-choice, but there's no help for you if you're pregnant. Have that baby in the street, strumpet.

My original item was terse. Here are some notes:

McCain loves the word 'fight', but that's not the skill we need. Not everything is a war. Most efforts aren't, in fact.

Republicans believe the best economy comes from leaving business alone, never mind depressions, pollution, and inequality.

They don't want to change anything, other than to let even the crooked entrepreneurs get rich and leave taxpayers holding the bag. Example: The current finance crisis. Also the S&L crisis that Bush Sr. presided over. Not to mention many others.

The whining reference is to Phil Gramm, of course, who was one of McCain's economic advisers until he made that impolitic remark. McCain fired him, but McCain still believes that we should suck it up.

McCain and his fellow wealthy Republicans don't suffer. Their mutual funds may decline amidst much hand-wringing, but they can still afford gas - and seven or more homes.

In the aggregate, there may not be a recession, which means that the economy as a whole may not be shrinking. However, the economy for those of us in the bottom 95%, yeah, the economy is worse than stagnant.

It's always fun when the Cliffs Notes are longer than the original!

Sarah Palin is not my idea of a good VP either. I'm voting Obama.

Anonymous said...

You said "to a one" think. I didn't know what you were talking about. No disrespect though.

Anonymous said...

Why anyone could vote for this man is beyond me.
The fact is, Obama is like a big fat onion, you peel away one layer of duplicity, and there remains many more layers beneath, all of them hiding and shielding what is at the core.
In experience alone, Obama is unqualified. No managerial or executive experience, no foreign policy experience beyond attending Muslim schools in Indonesia and abandoning his own brother to a $12 a year existence in Kenya.
In accomplishments? Name one, beyond working like a demon to defend, justify and expand the multiple ways that an unborn baby can be murdered prior to birth. Obama's views are virtually favorable with infanticide, publically stating that he would not want his own daughters to be 'punished' with a baby, were they to become pregnant. If Trig Palin had been conceived inside Michelle Obama's womb, the odds are that the life of that little tyke would have been swiftly snuffed out due to his genetic flaws.
Both Barack and Michelle Obama represent an ideology that is not only foreign to our Constitutional Republic, it is hostile, and when they make Bill and Hillary Clinton look like 'middle-of-the-roaders', that alone should convince any sane person that an Obama Presidency would be the beginning of the end for these United States.

Stewart said...

I want to know more about Obama before I could vote for him.
I need to know more about his connections to Dohrn and Ayers and Soros.
Too much dirt is about to be unfolded I believe.

lovable liberal said...

To Anonymous 12:31 (and 7:48, I assume):

"Republicans to a one think" is a bad phrase. Point taken.

"Republicans to a man think" would have been better, but then someone would have politely reminded me that there are Republican women, and I would have had to concede that point instead!

By the way, I was talking about prominent Republicans, not all of the rank and file, some of whom actually have good sense outside of their party registration.

lovable liberal said...

Anon 1:52, first things first. How exactly is Obama a danger to the Constitution? Would he ignore it completely like the lawless Duhbya, or would he try to repeal it (ha!)?

I agree that Obama is multi-layered. It's just that the layers are levels of Republican sleaze, slime, and smears, and you seem to believe all of them.

The "brother in Kenya" story is really rich. They have met, but they didn't know each other growing up. You can hardly say fairly that Barack "abandoned" him, but fairness doesn't constrain you. From what I've heard, the half-brother doesn't want help. His life in Kenya, however benighted you might suppose it to be, is still his life.

Then, you get to the real problem, abortion rights. Fine, buy into the hyperbole. Most Americans don't think birth control pills cause abortion, but it's right there in your party's platform to make crazies like you happy. Yeah, make women carry fetuses conceived in rape or incest to term. That makes a lot of sense.

lovable liberal said...

Stewart, on those "connections":

Dohrn - what?

Ayers - not much.

Soros - what's wrong with Soros? Oh, yeah, he's a liberal with money. He believes in open societies, and he puts his money where his mouth is.

Have you been listening to Rush vilify Soros again? You can't believe anything Rush says. He always twists stories and adds little fictions to them to support his bankrupt and drug-addled ideology.

There, does that convince you? No? I was suuure I could break through your pose of actually considering Obama.