Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things we couldn't get away with

Republicans are used to setting one set of rules for themselves and another for the rest of us. Prevail upon a subpoenaed witness not to appear? Fine for them. Obstruction of justice for us.

There are probably a few McCain staffers who ought to avoid returning to Alaska until they can put in a fix.


Charles Jenks said...

Why is CNN willing to be a carney barker for the Obama campaign?

The homepage headline (Sept 25) says: "Palin probe examines witness tampering."

That implies that the independent counsel suspects witness tampering.

The inside headline reads:

"State rep seeks witness-tampering probe in Palin inquiry."

That's better, but the state rep is staunchly pro-Obama state rep Les Gara.

Is there a connection between the Obama campaign and Dem state reps trying to get Obama's anti-Palin message out via the media?

Why is CNN willing to be the mouthpiece of Obama's campaign? It has a special investigations unit - so called - in Alaska finding anything and everything it can to throw dirt at Palin. But it can't do some investigating - (What's that?) - into the alleged connections, hence communications, between state reps pushing this "inquiry to nowhere" and the Obama camp?

Let's call it alleged investigations tampering. It's difficult to prove, maybe more of the "nudge nudge wink wink" variety. Still, the legislative investigation is partisan on its face, with comments of the like by State Sen. Hollis French, who is managing the probe. CNN reports that he has been under fire since a September 2 interview with ABC News in which he said the inquiry could lead to an "October surprise" for the GOP ticket.

lovable liberal said...

Your vaunted "independent" counsel is not independent at all. He was appointed by the Personnel Board because Sarah Palin filed a complaint against herself (!), hoping to get a whitewash instead of the legislative investigation that was empanelled long ago by bipartisan vote.

The witnesses who suddenly followed the Todd Palin gambit were subpoenaed by the legislative investigators. Of course, they're the ones who would be investigating tampering. Duh. Where did you get your implication? Fantasy, like everything else in your comment.

Anonymous said...


Hello From Fairbanks Alaska!

I've been reading all of this bickering about the investigation into Walt Monegans termination and who's doing what wrong.

Being that I have lived in The Great Land for some 20+ years, I know how our law works.

And so does Mr. Hollis French, He is on the State judicial Ethics Commitee and has an extensive legal background having been a assistant state prosecutor amongst other things.

So givin that little bit of information, you would think I'm leading up to support his actions..... Oh, to the contrary!!!

I openly condemn his approach to this givin matter!
From a purely legal standpoint, the political overtones that have been cast into this media circus seriously undermine it's credibility, perhaps that is why a very long time ago The State of Alaskas legislature drafted The Alaska Administrative Code, which governs such matters so as to avoid such frivilous waste of time and money... The short of the story is this,

until such a time as this matter is prpoerly brought to the attention of and then investigated by [T]he State Workers Personel Board and all other [N]on-Judicial remedies have been completely exhausted through grievance process, this issue may not be properly (or legally)brought to the attention of the States Court, and therefore any competent Court must dismiss any such proceeding until all conditions of the Paricular A.A.C. is completely complied with in it's totality.

It should also be noted that the only ones that have mentioned following the Law are Our Governor Palins People (In case your not familiar with her, she is anti-coruption, and has been stepping on the toes of members of the "Good-ol'-Boys Club" up here in the land of the midnight sun).

To many of us up here, Sarah has been a breath of fresh air, the comments one reads about her town hall meetings when she was Mayor of Wassilla being popularity contest might consider this... was this not the manor in which the continental congress conviened,,,,, and highly berated for by the Brittish?

I believe the more you find out for yourselves about the Dynamic woman, the more you'll understand, it's about following rules, and if you don't like the rules, then seek to have them changed by following proper legal protocol to do so and thus you avoid one less un-necessary strain on monies that could have been more well spent elswhere!

lovable liberal said...

Anon 2:41, even if your claims about the legal requirements are correct, they are not on point. The French investigation is not a judicial proceeding, so the law you cite isn't relevant.