Monday, September 22, 2008

Car talk

To all the Republicans who think it's stoopid to spend even a minute talking about John McCain's cars: You're right. It is stupid.

Welcome to the juvenile vacuousness of the national discourse that you guys created from all the Democratic tempests of the past twenty or more years. You earned it.

We kept begging you to get serious. You kept on with the pubescent crap. Have fun now that you're no longer in the cool crowd in middle school.

Go read a little Bob Somerby for the long term perspective. Who knows, he may even take a crack at this ridiculous story.


Vermont Woodchuck said...

Screw cars, there is a post just for you, to enlighten you on the culpability of Clinton and Congress, Gramm and Rubin including Rubin's idiot statement trying to unring the banking bell. BTW, I'm not a Republican, if anything a conservative Libertarian. (Emphasis on the latter.)

lovable liberal said...

Yeah, that's why you post at New England Republican. Whatever. If I were a Republican sympathizer, and you know you are, I'd be ashamed of the Republican Party, too.

Most "conservative libertarians" are conservative when they want (social issues) and libertarian when they want (economic issues). It's an incoherent ideology.

Yep, Congress is culpable, too, among others, but the root problem in the current crisis is waaay too much economic libertarianism. Ayn Rand, by the way, was a simple-minded idiot. The only way she could make a world that matched her theories was to write wicked bad fiction.

Last, I'm curious why you keep posting off topic. It's not as though I don't have posts up about the financial panic. Are you a newbie? That would explain the lack of a link, though I'd be inclined to ignore it anyway, having found nothing of value, other than the photos, over at your place.