Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is there a downside?

The Democratic Senate isn't actually accomplishing anything with its slim majority. I say throw Lieberman out on his ass and let the Republicans have him. In 2009, with an expanded Democratic majority that can rewrite the filibuster rules, he can be a caucus of one and spend all his time bemoaning the lack of tripartisanship. The hell with him.


Anonymous said...

Who is John Galt?

lovable liberal said...

You sure your name isn't Aynonymous?

frem said...

Spoken like a typical liberal. Instead of acknowledging the fact that the "surge" was a tremendous success, the DemoCraps go on a rant about how "other factors" played in leaving Iraq a less dangerous place. The clear fact is that if the surge hadn't occurred, then none of the "other factors" would have occurred either and Iraq would still be a much more dangerous place than it is already. Give Joe Lieberman his due credit; he has enough wisdom and forsight to see what is necessary to complete a victory in Iraq and freedom for thousands of Iraqi citizens that would otherwise be left to a subhuman and repressive dictorate. You DemoCraps just haven't got the "balls" to admit you were wrong and be big enough to give the people responsible a pat on the back.

lovable liberal said...

frem, your writing exposes you as a witless, uneducated, blowhard, dipshit, conservatard idiot. Did you understand that? See, I put all my petty insults right up front where you can find them, instead of sprinkling them throughout. Now for substance.

Lieberman constantly tries to put the Democrats in a bad position, and the Dems let him succeed because they won't slap him down.

The escalation marketed to the public as the "surge" had some positive effects. Whether it was a strategic success, as Lieberman believes, is not yet clear, because it's not clear how lasting it will be.

The factors that together are more important than 30,000 extra troops (for six months - but now it has been 21!):
- the already-finished ethnic cleansing
- the already-started Sunni rebellion against al Qaeda (marketed as the Anbar Awakening)
- the assassination program described by Bob Woodward as equivalent to the Manhattan Project

There, did that sound like a rant to you? If so, you must have really, really sensitive ears.