Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Complaint against herself

This McCNN story is so vaguely written that I have to read between the lines to understand it. You should read it, too, and make up your own mind.

My interpretation: Palin operatives in the Alaska state government have put together a parallel "investigation" out of the State Personnel Board, and that's the only thing she's cooperating with.

Yep, bingo, here's the story clearly - and incredibly - stated:

Meanwhile, the state Personnel Board has also hired an investigator to look into the issue, after Palin filed a complaint against herself and said that was the proper body to do the investigation.

The board hired Anchorage attorney Tim Petumenos, and while fighting the Legislature's inquiry, the McCain-Palin campaign says the governor will cooperate only with the Personnel Board investigation.
McCNN could not have screwed this up so badly without editorial help. Someone ought to be fired.

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