Friday, September 19, 2008

Namby-pamby fact checking

"It's o.k. You can say it. They know."

McCNN equivocates on the bald, undeniable fact that John McCain opposes any semblance of the legal right of women to sue for equal pay. Look, McCain himself said that the alleged danger of lawsuits was more important.

The fact is that McCain openly opposed rectifying the precedent of the egregiously unjust Ledbetter decision. This made him a completely orthodox Republican, not a maverick at all.

Faced just this once with Republican admission of their craven servitude to corporate desires (hey, just like their deregulation mania), McCNN doesn't even need to call bullshit. They could just say, yep, McCain acknowledges that it's true.

Instead, incredibly, McCNN concocts its own thin veneer of bullshit in a useless attempt to play it down the middle.

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