Monday, September 22, 2008

Pigs more equal

I'm going on record. I'm against the Paulson bailout bill. (Yeah, big whoop!)

I don't care if Chuck Schumer is for it. He's been fooled before - anyone remember Michael Mukasey?

I've read the thin tissue of legalism that the bill frames. This bill won't fix the problem because it's not targeted at the problem. In fact, it's not targeted at anything. It's a $700 billion giveaway. To whom? That's not even stated, but given that the Bushists are in charge, it won't be spent to help you and me.

So what should the cowardly Congressional Democrats do? Pass a bill that includes reforms and oversight and dare Duhbya to veto it. But they're soft-headed dopes with no appetite for combat, even with the least popular President in recent memory.

Yeah, this is why American dominance is doomed. The smart people are chickenshit.


Vermont Woodchuck said...

Yeah, they are nice banner photos bunghole, I made them.

lovable liberal said...

Learn to punctuate half as well as you photograph. (period) We might then be able to have a conversation, (comma) bunghole.