Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Arrest them all

Another Republican executive claims to be above the law. Why should anyone be surprised?

If this has to be settled by serving arrest warrants with guns drawn, so be it. There have got to be consequences, or the flouting will continue.


barnbarn said...

Apparently Alaskan barracudas are actually hermit crabs!

Birdstheword said...

Isnt there a law against destroying eveidence in an on going investigation? What are the ramifications when you refuse to co operate and also destroy evidence? There has to be some laws here .

lovable liberal said...

birdstheword, it's pretty clear that the Republicans don't believe the law can be enforced against them. And, since they have a majority in the Alaska legislature, they're probably right.

I think our liberty is founded in law that constrains everyone's behavior, so I think our liberty is in grave danger.