Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Window dressing

I heard a rumor last night that Sarah Palin's glasses are solely about style, that she doesn't need any refraction at all, that she only wears them to appear smarter. So, to avoid the media practice of extruding any happy bullshit rumor I hear, I googled '+palin +glasses' and got more than 900,000 hits. A search of news alone yielded 2600 hits. (Note: No confirmation of the rumor.)

McCNN reports that, oh, just everyone wants to be like Sarah. Or maybe to own a piece of toast with her image on it to match the virgin Mary in thermopane. The toast looks like a bank robber in a ski mask to me, but then I'm a goddamned liberal.

Pardon me, but we are really fucked as a nation if we're spending so much time on inconsequential trivialities such as these.


Lady Wolf's Notes said...


How can brains be so numbed in the midst of the seriousness and magnitude of the issues we face?

lovable liberal said...

I'm numbed by lack of sleep, which probably accounts for my ill humor on the day after a very happy evening. Maybe under such circumstances I should take a nap until my vocabulary is a little more polite!

But yes, it feels like the decadence of a falling empire to me. I don't think we used to be so childish, though maybe we just had less complex problems. (Note: Not harder, just not as subject to simple assertions of will.)