Monday, September 29, 2008

Lalalala, I'm not listening

They'd rather be dumb than intellectual.

Republicans say the complaints are coming from "intellectual" conservatives -- not Main Street Republicans, who they insist love the "hockey mom," from Alaska, as Palin describes herself.
Truth is, though, it's too late. Not to worry, they're stuck with Palin. So no one will be smearing them this cycle by calling them intellectuals.

Update (9/30): If this post isn't meaty enough (and, honestly, it is a little thin), take a look here or here. Even better, start Halloween a month early with "Spooky".

Update (10/4): Joe Conason disses the dumbing down.


Anonymous said...

I can see what you mean. God, I really hate the blogger comment section.

Anonymous said...

I guess they can't divorce her.

She has turned out to be for the Republicans the blind date from hell.

She has also set back the women's movement decades.

Maybe if she spends any time in DC President Clinton will look her up, that appears to be a match made in heaven.

She really is a joke. My sense is that Independent voters who were originally charmed, are now shaking their heads in disbelief.

Rick Jordan said...

I'm a Republican for McCain, and consider myself mainstream. Anyone can see Sarah Palin is in way over her head. She is the worst possible choice McCain could have made. If she performs at the debate as poorly as she has during ALL her recent interviews (except a softball interview with Hannity), she is going to sink McCain. She thinks Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric were tough? Wait until a liberal moderator and Joe Biden finish with her. Then there will be no doubt, whatsoever, that Palin is NOT ready to be VP (or President). I think McCain is crazy, if he let's he set foot on that stage Thursday. Maybe she will have a "family emergency", or something, that will force her to "regrettably" miss the debate. Prediction: if she debates, and things go badly, McCain will be FORCED to make a change, or face watching his entire campaign go down the tubes.

Dan said...

Mccain said this morning that his stark contrast on the position of Pakistan with Palin is explainable: He said he largely agrees with Palin in the sense that "he would route out terrorism wherever it exists." But, he doesn't want to "broadcast" it to the nation or on TV in an open announcement, because there's a difference between saying it, and having an intent to do it but keeping your intent from the mainstream American people. This is oterhwise know as lying folks.
I question everything Mccain says now... is everything he says going to simply be a tactic to make people believe that he is going to do something when he gets into office for fear of saying or annoucing something that they might not want to hear now for fear of putting his campaign at risk? Mccain is a liar, cheat, and thief to the American people. He used us and our futures as a chip in his bargaining tactic on this fabricated bail-out issue. I voted Obama yesterday, and have never been prouder in my life to vote.