Friday, September 5, 2008

A thousand points of blog

I'm sure a thousand other bloggers have slammed the Palin eBay airplane lie, but identifying bullshit is my stock in trade, so I'm going to pile on.

Is there anything these Republicans say that isn't bullshit? Anything?

They really believe that we're all simpletons. This Alaskan "reformer" sold the goddamn plane at a loss.

Update (9/6): Some further documentation of the bullshit... Here's a good quote:

If the point is to underscore Palin's frugality and willingness to reform an overly cozy, wasteful system, why not just say it:
She got rid of Frank Murkowski's toy.
Nope, they have to oversell it.


Monica in NC said...

You're a simpleton if you're voting for Obama the Socialist. You must think it's OK to take money from people who earned it and give to those who didn't. You must be one of those people that know you will never be financially successful so you don't have to worry about that happening to you. You must be one of those nuts that thinks the gov't creates prosperity. You must believe everything you hear on TV about the economy being bad (what a joke). America is starting to wake up! You can't use the line "he voted with Bush 90% of the time" (news- the President doesn't vote) everytime you're front of the camera- YAWN! Thank GOD America is NOT going to let Obama ruin the GREAT AMERICAN DREAM for those of us willing to WORK for it. Go Sarah. She'll be President in 2012.

lovable liberal said...

I notice you don't even try to rebut a single thing I wrote. Not even one thing.

By the way, I live in Massachusetts. A fair amount of our Federal taxes go to subsidize your state. You could look it up while you're lapping it up.

Learn the meaning of the word 'socialism'. Most of you conservative idiots misuse it, you included.

Common Sense Girl said...

I agree with Monica in NC--and what points do you believe you actually made which need to be refuted (and that comments comes from me, a gal who went to a liberal school in Massachusetts and lives here)?
All I saw were: (1) Thanks for the typical pretentious insult to someone who has a different opinion from your own. This complements, of course, your predictable irrational and immediate rage toward a fellow liberal (Lieberman) who embraces an independent minded no-nonsense action person, instead of towing the "I'm so cool" party line. For being so open, loving, and liberal, I continue to find your grouping of "east coast democrats" the most narrow minded exclusionary group I have ever met in over 40 years and 20 countries....and yet, you fail to even see it. Which, I guess, is why you initially lodge insults and fail to identify with any part of the country besides your own, and your pseudo hippie friends who wear all the "in clothes" (from the liberal point of view) and drive the "in cars" (from the liberal point of view). You all dress, look, and act alike! Geesh:) Drive on with your bad conformist self! Disavowing Lieberman is so predictable, and yet so sad. I really wish you, and other conformist liberals of the Democratic party would go beyond "1 of 10" Star Trek-dom theory. You might actually appeal to more people and win an election. In short, I wish you and your 60's wannabee friends who live in Cambridge, hog the road with your SUVs, and spend a ton of money in bad coffee or other shops listening to second class music, snapping your fingers in uniformity yet disavowing all conformance, would do a little self reflection. Yeah...sure that'll happen. Nah, instead you'll continue to talk to people like me, who have actually been to more countries and met more diverse people than yourself, and get mad when we don't agree. Oh, yes, you'll confuse the countries of Afghanistan and Iraq because you don't have a clue they're two different countries...because, my liberal conformist friend, you only listen to those people who agree with what you say--media or friends--if they disagree, like Lieberman, they're out. And, I'm doubtful you could even tell me the bordering countries of Afghanistan, although you know all the ski slopes in New Hampshire. If you recently discovered on the map the country of Afghanistan, it's because your favored Muslim son Obama now says it's where we need to be...and ignorantly said as I recall....the US military should be looking into all the caves and find Osama. What a clueless comment...of course, if you knew anything about the country and its composition, you would know why it is a clueless comment, but I doubt you'll have the time to check such details, in between your iced coffee excursions. That's okay, it's amusing when liberals continue to ask my friends who deployed to Bagram, what Baghdad was like. Thanks for continuing to show your ignorance in whatever opinion you express. Lieberman knows that McCain does know those places and people, and what it mean to be commander in chief. Because of that, you seem to want to seethe with anger toward Lieberman, and some honest person from NC. My guess is that you don't even know where NC is either. For folks like you, the country ends west somewhere around the Ohio and begins again around Las Vegas where you get to do the wild thing in your conformist sandals. Going south, it ends around Virginia. So predictable.
(2) Here's a point to refute: you don't subsidize anything but your pretentious belief that you are better than anyone else who might have a different opinion. If you had ever visited NC, you would realize the beauty of its people, its history of defending the coast and country during WWII, and that there are many very wealthy people--which is your apparent meter for success reflected in your comment. Thanks for demonstrating how very kind compassionate, liberal, and non-consumer of you. (BTW that's sarcasm).

lovable liberal said...

Well, CSG, your sentence keep coming out, and they keep making no sense whatsoever, at least not as non-fiction. Were you attempting fiction?

You certainly were not responding to this item, which doesn't mention Joe Lieberman at all. It was a very simple three paragraphs about the lies the McCain-Palin campaign has told about her airplane sale. What is it about people like you and Monica that they can't figure out how to comment on a relevant item?

You want to fight about the usefulness of Joe Lieberman to keeping the party of war and poverty in power? Find an appropriate item. There are tags over at the lower right, and one of them is 'lieberman'. Don't hit 'nancy lieberman' by mistake.

You try to pin on me some things that you expect of liberals. You made them up of whole cloth (and delivered them quite illiterately despite your college). You have no idea what kind of clothes I wear, though you could find my car if dug around the site for a while. Hint: You have no need for Prius envy. If I were sure you drive one of the biggest SUVs, would you laugh. Oh, I see, you think I drive an SUV...

Here's a test for you: Point me to one place where I've confused Iraq and Afghanistan. Just one.

You still do nothing but make up gibes. They're not even very good gibes.

By the way, I grew up in Tennessee, so I probably (not for sure) know North Carolina better than you do. By the way, according to your logic, my rejoinder to Monica must have been an attack on NC. That's just dumb - applying it to you, you just attacked Massachusetts and yourself. Bad logic!

Last, paragraphs. Get to know them.

Common Sense Girl said...

Thanks for your pretentious corrections--so "loveable", and again so liberally good at correcting others and so poor at helping others....ah yes, you are so superior. BTW how did you calculate a loss to selling something which is not used (and Palin's point was should not be used), will only depreciate, and if you wait for more money the maintenance costs to the taxpayer are still accruing? No point to rebut except ignorance regarding mechanics of government spending. But, keep telling yourself and you other LL Bean conformist friends you all are superior despite all facts. It's probably what keeps you going instead of examining how much you actually are contributing to society's progress, and it provides much laughter to the rest of us.

lovable liberal said...

Wait, CSG, you came here to my blog to "correct" me, and I'm pretentious to call bullshit on you? Yeah, that's how much sense you make. At least you're spending part of your time on topic now.

You have no idea how I dress - and you think it's conformist to wear L.L. Bean clothing. That's news. Personally, I think you're just looking for any insult you can think of, even though you're not very capable in that department either.

You also have no idea of my contributions or lack of them to society other than this blog. Likewise, I have no idea of yours. Since you defend the pro-rich policies of the Republicans, I assume that you are relatively rich, but you could also just be a fool.

You'll notice if you read carefully (how likely is that?) that I never said it was a bad idea to sell the plane (purchased by a previous conservative Republican governor, by the way). I just said that the Republican spin on the story was a lie. She tried eBay, and it didn't work, but that's her branding, and she won't give it up even though it evinces disrespect to the voters - nothing new about that from Republicans since it has worked so well for them.

A loss? Easy, sold for below book value. Sold for $500,000 less than its purchase price after only two years. Not close the profit that John McCain himself claimed.