Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who you callin' stupid!

Ed Rollins is back to Republican image-only bullshit. According to Rollins, Charlie Gibson was condescending to ask Sarah Palin about the Bush Doctrine, where she infamously drew a blank.

What's really condescending is the emphasis that Republican political consultants and media hacks put on the airy fairy nothingness of manufactured political image. Rollins and most of the media think enough of us can be addled with stupidity that they can win without even addressing issues. They're calling us stupid, and many of us don't even notice.

Here's one of Rollins's contributions:

Nobody cares if Palin knows the Bush doctrine.
He wants to consign the Bushists to the dustbin of history. He wants you not to notice that the McCain-Palin ticket, on the issues, will continue virtually every important aspect of Bushism - the Bush Doctrine in foreign policy, war policy, tax policy biased in favor of wealth, corporate welfare, torture, Constitutional lawlessness (maybe the number one) especially the surveillance state, and I'm sure there are others I'm missing in my haste.

McCain and Palin together have many of the character and intellectual flaws that have made Duhbya so disastrous as President. Rollins wants us to re-up for four more years.

I guess ol' Ed is angling for a job.

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