Wednesday, September 3, 2008

John Sununu, no sainthood - why not?

I've actually seen this ad three times on Red Sox Double Play (5-4 walk-off bunt win after trailing 4-0; maybe these boys are serious about the AL East).

The ad is so over the top that I was waiting for the punch line, but it turned out these bullshit purveyors are serious. You really can't satirize this stuff - it's already too ridiculous.

He's younger, faster, quicker. Inexhaustible, tireless, energetic. A leader. Independent and principled. Great dad, big-hearted, funny, and kind.

He's the youngest member of the Senate, but Time Magazine says, "... that hasn't limited his reach.

New Hampshire's in his blood.

Woman: "I think I'll stick with the future, John Sununu."

"I'm John Sununu, and I approve this message."
I shit you not, that's all of it. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. John's role is to walk purposefully even if he looks older than 41.

The Sununu campaign is saying this to voters: "We think you're idiots and will vote for Sununu based on all these substance-free compliments we've been hired to pay to John."

You'll notice that another 90% supporter of Duhbya has gotten the same word from his pollsters that John McCain has gotten. If a Republican runs on issues in 2008, he loses. Just in case, be sure, be very very sure not even to mumble the word Republican, since it's a dirty word.

Sununu's reaction? Patronize the voters. Yeah, he's a Republican all right.

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